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There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception. 

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Information About Mindful Life

The first step in seeking therapy is to decide to do something about a problem you are experiencing. It is often a very scary decision for many reasons. Facing the unknown, deciding to make a change, and admitting weakness are all reasons people are hesitant to begin therapy. It’s not unusual for people to be hesitant to try talk therapy. There are many reasons, making the decision to seek therapeutic support can be difficult. It can be helpful in beginning the process to understand what to expect from counseling to overcome the barriers.

How Therapy Works

Using therapy as a resource for mental health issues is valuable for many reasons.
A therapist can produce a safety net for you to practice expressing emotions if you are not used to doing so. The therapy session having a beginning time and ending time acts as a security for these feelings and emotions. What you bring to therapy can remain in that safety net of the therapist’s office until you decide you are ready to reveal it to the outside world.

There are three main ways that therapy can be a resource to help you create a life you love. These tools include; education, awareness, and motivation.

The goal of psychotherapy is to help resolve an individual’s mental and emotional problems and, at the same time, teach that individual how to attain the skills needed to deal with life on life’s terms. Learning about tools is one way that therapy educates, another is education about how people work and the psychology of what makes our personalities.

Awareness and Emotions

Awareness can be enhanced through therapy as an inner journey with the therapist as guide. With a good therapist assisting you, your emotions (what you feel) begin to get in sync with your intellect (what you know). When your head leads and your heart follows, the world becomes an easier, more meaningful place in which to live.

Therapy is not about merely creating an absence of negative feelings or, conversely, about creating happy feelings. It’s about helping you live a productive life and about helping you develop and sustain meaningful goals. It’s also about learning and applying the skills you need in order to grow from life’s ups and downs and finding meaning in life.

This insight provided in therapy can help you gain tremendous insights into your behavior, thoughts, feelings, and more. The insights you gain don’t end with just you. You gain insights into how others behave.  

In a supportive, nonjudgmental environment, you’ll learn to clarify your thoughts, discover how to express yourself in a healthy way, and expand your skills that help deal with life’s ups and downs.

What therapy can do is raise your level of awareness. It can give you the insight and motivation you need to take active steps so you can make good choices in your life. It can also help you make peace with the things you may be unable to change about your life (and yourself).

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