Is counseling confidential? 

Counselors may not disclose any information about clients unless they are given written consent. Counselors will explain some of the legal exceptions when you meet. For example, if someone poses of threat of harm to themselves or others, we may need to disclose information to protect your or others’ safety. 

What kinds of things do people seek help for? 

People seek counseling for a variety of reasons including feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, worried, sad, or angry. People also seek out counseling to help change behaviors that are troubling them and impact their relationships at home, work, school, or with ability to connect with friends. Some people seek counseling because they have a life goal that has been cannot reach and they are ready to explore their barriers. Other people seek out counseling because they know they are going through a difficult time or facing a difficult decision and they desire a place to sort through their feelings and move forward in their life with intention and clear thinking. 

What can I expect at a counseling session? 

We strive to make the counseling atmosphere relaxed, comfortable, and free from judgment. During your initial free session, we will discuss your current situation and relevant history. From there, each counseling session is constructed from the goals you have identified as the basis for your growth. 

How long will I be in counseling? 

Each situation is unique and the length of treatment cannot be estimated from the outset. Counseling depends on many factors unique to the individual and to the scope of issues to be addressed. Generally, the client senses that therapy has been successfully completed when major challenges have been overcome. They will notice that they have new energy, interest, and enthusiasm about other aspects of their lives – as well as the confidence to tackle new challenges on their own. Many people continue to use counseling as a follow-up tool, checking in periodically as help is needed. 

How do I know Mindful Life Counseling Center is the fit for me? 

This is an important question, as most studies show that the fit between the client and the therapist is a very important predictor for successful therapy. You are encouraged to take your time in choosing your therapist, and get the information you need to make your decision. You can use your initial appointment to ask the questions important to you and to get a sense of what it feels like to work with Mindful Life Counseling Center. Your experience should be positive with the counselor being empathic, intuitive, and interactive, in-tune with your strengths, talents, and potential. 

How is therapy different than talking to a good friend? 

Therapists are trained to listen and focus in ways that are different from how a friend hears you. The therapist’s purpose is to understand what the client is expressing, a friend’s motivation may be more complex and personal. The counseling relationship has boundaries that allow a deeper exploration of meanings and feelings to take place. Additionally, knowing a session will end and begin at a certain time, that all material is strictly confidential and that the therapist’s interests are only in the therapeutic process allows for a unique experience. 

Do you do therapy over the phone, email, or video chat? 

Mindful Life Counseling Center offers these services. Kathy Hicks is a Distance Credentialed Counselor who has received specialized training in providing teletherapy. 

How Quick Can I Schedule A Counseling Appointment? 

You don’t have to wait at all! Here at Mindful Life Counseling Center you can usually schedule an appointment as soon as the next day or the same week. We do our best to fit clients in quickly and to get started on therapy right away. Time is of the essence and change needs to happen quickly. Keep in mind that prime time slots get filled quickly, so scheduling the counseling sessions sooner rather than later is encouraged. An online scheduler is provided so you can book an appointment as soon as one day in advance. The online scheduler allows you to pick the time that works best for you. In addition, Mindful Life Counseling Center provides a free initial consultation. 

How much does counseling cost? 

There are multiple options for payment at Mindful Life Counseling Center. We have both fully licensed clinical counselors that utilize private pay and insurance as well as licensed therapist interns, who are available to meet at a reduced private pay rate.   Fully licensed clinical psychotherapist fees range from $100-120, and many insurances will cover some of this cost. We are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO.   Master's level licensed intern therapists fees range from $45-$75.00 and are private pay only.   If you have concerns regarding affording psychotherapy, we can discuss these and whether or not you may meet the guidelines for a sliding fee scale. While many clients are initially very concerned about whether or not they can afford counseling, most find that as their life and priorities change new ways of funding therapy appear–whether through less need to consume to distract from pain or through new means of income due to increased energy and investment in life.

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