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100 Motivational Songs

Music is able to enhance life in a multitude of ways. Music can help with honoring an important event, both happy and sad. Music helps in sharing who we are with the people who surround us. Music motivates us to work towards goals and make changes. Music can make us brave and provide strength when times are difficult. Music aids in clarifying and living life based on our unique core values.

Research suggests that music not only helps us cope with pain – it can also benefit our physical and mental health in numerous other ways. It also reveals that carefully selected music that incorporates a person’s own preferences may offer an effective way to reduce anxiety and improve quality of life. (Cervellin & Lippi, 2011)

Seeing how music can do so many things, you would think most people have a certain song that provides inspiration and strength. Oddly enough, not many people are able to identify a song that represents the positive way in which they desire to see the world. Most people can list a couple of favorite songs but when asked about a song that helps shape their life in an encouraging way, it is often difficult to come up with music that inspires and motivates us to be our best self-possible.

Author and researcher Brene Brown shares the importance in laughter, song and dance in Gifts of Imperfection. She writes about the value in finding your arena anthem “a song that will inspire you to stay brave…when you start to doubt your ability to stay vulnerable through the tough parts of life”

Being mindful means deliberate efforts to increase ways in which we promote mental health. Choosing a song or possibly a playlist is one of those activities what can enhance value driven living. With that in mind, I challenge you to find your theme song.

Knowing it can be a formidable task, I put together a top 100 list of awesome songs that provide uplifting support, motivation and guidance. If you open the list by clicking 100 Motivational Songs. Browse through the list and pick your favorite. Maybe even pick you top 10 and make a playlist! Then listen to it regularly and while listening think about what living your best life looks like and how you can make that happen.

Cervellin, G., Lippi G. (2011), From music-beat to heart-beat: a journey in the complex interactions between music, brain and heart. European Journal of internal Medicine. (4), 371-374.

For more information on mental health is available at mindfullifecounselingcenter.com

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